Updated December 13, 2023 | 2:10PM MST


Pictured Above: Dark Matter Store

Nestled beyond the bustling dispensaries of Cannabis Corner, just off Sunland Park Drive, lies an unexpected gem in the heart of New Mexico's Entertainment District. Despite its unassuming exterior, Dark Matter defies expectations, drawing crowds with its cosmic ambiance and expansive selection.

Formerly an inconspicuous metal building, now painted in sleek black, Dark Matter is poised for a significant facelift, promising a transformative facade that befits its out-of-this-world interior. The constant flow of patrons and the sprawling parking lot hint at the allure within.

Entering through the dark glass doors, visitors are greeted by an otherworldly atmosphere. Illuminated by bright white lights, the dispensary boasts an 80" display of unique apparel, framed by shelves reminiscent of an Alien movie set. The expansive floor showcases a diverse array of cannabis products, from edibles and cartridges to an impressive collection of flower strains, all bathed in the stark contrast of black surroundings and white lights.

What sets Dark Matter apart is not just its striking visuals but the simplicity of the customer experience. Dispensing with traditional ID-holding rituals, the check-in process is swift, allowing visitors quick access to the interior of this cannabis mothership.

The mastermind behind Dark Matter, Matt Chadwick, attributes the dispensary's success to quality relationships. With roots in Oregon, where Chadwick and his team established Top Crop, Dark Matter is their latest venture. The success of Top Crop, known for its vast catalog of quality products, prompted the team to bring their expertise to New Mexico.

Pictured Above: Dark Matter Employee Helping Customer

Choosing the Land of Enchantment was a strategic move, driven by both a personal connection to El Paso and a vision to challenge the negative stigma surrounding cannabis. The team, led by Chadwick, immersed themselves in the local cannabis community, building relationships with cultivators, labs, and enthusiasts.

Within a year, Top Crop expanded into Las Cruces and Albuquerque, while Dark Matter secured locations in Albuquerque and Sunland Park, with plans for future expansion to Hobbs. Each store continues to thrive, rooted in a commitment to delivering an unparalleled customer and patient experience.

Excitingly, Dark Matter's journey doesn't end with its current locations. A massive facility, set to combine a concert/event venue with a cannabis dispensary, consumption lounge, VR arcade, and more, is underway in Sunland Park. Scheduled for completion in early 2025, this ambitious project promises to elevate the cannabis experience, with the Top Crop & Dark Matter team overseeing all cannabis-related aspects.

As Dark Matter undergoes a visual transformation in the desert, observers can anticipate a spectacle visible from the Franklin Mountains. Until then, curious patrons can explore the unique offerings at Dark Matter's existing locations in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, or Sunland Park, NM, and witness the evolution of this celestial cannabis destination.