Updated December 13, 2023 | 3:40PM MST


Pictured Above: The Riddims Band

In the vibrant landscape of Albuquerque, New Mexico, a musical force known as The Riddims has emerged, capturing the essence of the local culture and environment in their unique brand of reggae. Comprising seven talented members, The Riddims have not only become a staple in their hometown but have resonated across the nation with their distinctive sound.

Since their formation in 2013, The Riddims have been on a meteoric rise, garnering attention not only locally but also sharing stages with renowned bands like Stick Figure, The Wailers, The Green, and many others. Their music, which they affectionately refer to as "High Desert Reggae," blends big reggae sounds and breakdowns with a style uniquely their own.

In recent years, the band has expanded its reach, touring the southwest and immersing themselves in the reggae scene of Southern California. Despite their ventures beyond state lines, The Riddims remain deeply rooted in their New Mexico origins, infusing their music with the unmistakable flavors of the region.

The fusion of California and New Mexico influences has propelled The Riddims onto the national reggae circuit, where they have had the privilege of backing iconic acts such as Sister Nancy and Perfect Giddimani. The band has also found themselves in the esteemed company of legendary studios, recording their music at the iconic 17th Street Recording in Costa Mesa, where the likes of Sublime and The Dirty Heads have left their mark.

A testament to their growing prominence is their latest single, "Along The Way," featuring Shakamon, which has captured the hearts of reggae enthusiasts nationwide. The accompanying music video, available on all platforms, brings the song to life visually, further solidifying The Riddims' position in the musical landscape.

As The Riddims continue to pursue new goals and larger aspirations, their journey shows no signs of slowing down. This New Mexican powerhouse remains steadfast in its commitment to crafting reggae that not only reflects their local roots but also resonates on a national scale, promising an exciting future for both the band and their growing fanbase.