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Pictured Above Owner of Live Flower By Ansely The Flower Guy, Ansely Emeanuwa.

Ansely, also known as "The Flower Guy," is currently enrolled in the University of New Mexico’s graduate program, concentrating in accounting and entrepreneurship. Along with his family, they grow and sell fruits and vegetables at various farmer’s markets, including the Downtown Growers, Railyards, and Corrales. For over 12 years, Ansely has been arranging flowers for weddings and special occasions. During the winter months, Ansely creates wreaths. He has been a part of significant events such as UNM Hanging of the Greens, where he presents the university's president’s wreath that hangs at her house. He also runs a school supply drive for APS.

Ansely's business mainly focuses on growing and selling vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers, but his main focus is on flower arranging. It started small but gradually grew bigger. Ansely typically sells at farmers’ markets, restaurants, coffee shops, and CSAs (farm to car). In June 2022, he plans to open a retail shop on Cutler and Washington and share space with other vendors the cell at the farmer’s markets with him!

In his company, Ansely wants to make people smile by expressing themselves with flowers. He is not the type of person that likes symmetry; he prefers something a little bit wonky that has its unique way. That's why most of his designs are asymmetrical. It tells a story of how the flower arrangement was made. With those different bouquets, Ansely usually gives them out to people to make them smile.

Ansely's journey started in 2010 when his parents bought land in Belen, which had a lot of wildflowers and lavender. Whenever he would visit the farm, he would bring scissors and shears, some twine, and start arranging flowers. One by one, he would take a stem of flowers. It just starts mixing with lavender. He would make at least 15 bunches and then bring them home. He would take those bunches and sell them at the Downtown Growers’ market and sell them for three bucks a bunch. He would sell out most of the time, and sometimes he has a few left. He would give them to people or vendors when he had a few left. At that time, there was another flower business, Mason jar flowers. The owner, Tita, told him that he should keep going and grow his business and gave him tips for making arrangements. In 2016, after his high school graduation, he started leveling up more. In 2017, on Valentine's Day, he sold flowers on the patio of Poki Poki and Satellite Coffee on Harvard and Central. The owner of Poki Poki came out and bought the rest of his flowers to give to his customers. After packing up, he asked Ansely to come to his business, check out the place, check out his patio, and see what he could do. Ansely started looking at Pinterest and YouTube to master making arrangements. That was the first business that he felt more comfortable doing professional flowers.

As Ansely continued to grow his business, he started changing his designs. People that know him to know that he likes doing asymmetry designs. It's unique to see some flowers that look a little wonky but show some character. Sometimes he starts the trend. His business grew much faster, and the flower business started doing a few more restaurants. From just small, tiny arrangements of wildflowers and lavender, he created a fantastic florist! More significant events partnered up with different vendors all over Albuquerque and New Mexico, and he finally has a shop that he started operating in June of 2022.

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