Updated January 26, 2023 | 10:54PM MST


DNIPRO, UKRAINE – On Jan. 14th missiles shook up Ukraine as the air alarms sounded throughout the whole country. In the early morning, a missile hit an important piece of infrastructure in the city of Kyiv, with no civilian casualties. Later that Saturday the world was about shocked by what had happened in Dnipro, a city in the heart of Ukraine some 280 miles southeast of Ukraine´s capital. A Russian missile pierced through a residential building, killing at least 40 (those numbers now), multiple civilians missing, and 75 wounded. The hopes for remaining survivors are little to none.


Dnipro, a city in the middle of Ukraine, is just some hundred miles away from the frontlines. As the air raid sirens were blasting through the misty city on January 14th eventually a missile hit the residential building. In the park in front of the building, the enormity of what had happened can be seen. The missile, which appeared to be a Kh-22 missile made in the Soviet Union and usually used as an anti-ship missile, had struck through the residential building leaving nothing but horror and blood behind. Still, pieces of glass are spread throughout the area, and volunteers are busy cleaning everything. Also, volunteers from the Red Cross have installed several tents where residents can be checked upon. Many Dnipro residents have come to help and provide food or shelter for those that survived the attack.


In the early hours of the attack, some had even mentioned that the Russian rocket had hit the apartment complex due to it being downed by Ukrainian air defense. Ukrainian authorities have refuted this claim. Prominent Ukrainian intelligence officer Oleksii Arestovych mentioned the attack due to Ukrainian air defense. It led to the Russian authorities embracing this claim of a Ukrainian official. However, Arestovych resigned from his intelligence position as his claim was not the official Ukrainian authorities’ claim.

The use of the Kh-22 missile by Russia has also caused widespread rumors that this type of missile cannot be traced by Ukraine´s air defense, causing the country to panic amidst a full war being fought on its territory.


Visiting the site in Dnipro, knowing that bodies are still missing, laying under the rubble, makes me realize that this horrific scene will not be the last missile attack where Ukrainian civilians end up dead. The war will not be over soon.

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