Updated January 3, 2023 | 6:21PM MST


As a self-taught makeup artist based in southern New Mexico, Brown has been in the industry for 7 years, including 2 years working for MAC cosmetics. Brown always had a passion for makeup, Brown sees makeup as an art form and a way to express herself. Her goal as a makeup artist is to build personal relationships with her clients and help them feel confident, beautiful, and taken care of.

Brown offers her services to people of all ages, races, ethnicities, and genders, and specializes in the wedding industry, as well as events like quinceañeras, prom, and homecoming. Brown also enjoys collaborating with other local creatives on creative photoshoots, which allow her to bring her inspirations to life.

Brown believes that her work as a makeup artist brings value to the community and her clients by empowering them to express themselves through makeup. When clients leave her chair feeling confident and beautiful on important days of their lives, such as their wedding day or prom, Brown knows that she has succeeded in her role as a makeup artist, which goes beyond just applying makeup.

After the birth of her second daughter, Brown decided to pursue makeup artistry as a full-time career. She reached out to friends and acquaintances, offering her services for free to build up a portfolio. Her career really took off when she began collaborating with local photographers, florists, designers, and event planners on styled shoots. These shoots helped Brown learn about running a business, self-promotion, and collaboration, and allowed her to build a strong network of creatives in the industry.

One of the biggest challenges Brown faced when starting out as a makeup artist was believing in herself and her abilities, Brown states, “it can be intimidating to walk into a room and confidently say ‘I am a makeup artist,’ especially when you're just starting out.” However, she learned to set aside her doubts and just "fake it until you make it.” It's important to believe in yourself and your abilities, even when others might not.

Staying current and adapting to new trends and techniques is another challenge for makeup artists. Makeup is constantly evolving, so it's important to stay open to learning and trying new things. The pandemic in 2020 was also a challenge for the industry, as it caused uncertainty and disrupted normal business operations. Brown had to get creative and find ways to continue serving her followers and clients through social media, such as product reviews, tutorials, and virtual makeup lessons.

“Don't let anyone hold you back from pursuing your dreams, if you fail, it's simply a learning opportunity and a chance to try something else. Take risks, collaborate with others, surround yourself with people who inspire you, and go for it,” Brown states. In 2023, she hopes to break into editorial makeup and have her work published. Brown also wants to travel more, work on runways, and collaborate with brands that inspire her. While she has big dreams for the future, she also wants to continue serving her local community and helping others build their own makeup artistry businesses. As she continues to grow, Brown knows she may need to hire an assistant to help manage the business.

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