Updated January 23, 2023 | 6:46PM MST


Pictured Above: Matt Woisin, Owner of Uncorked Collectibles.

As a child growing up in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, Matt Woisin had a passion for collecting trading cards. However, he put that hobby aside during middle school, only to recently rediscover it during the COVID pandemic. Reminiscing about the "good days" of his childhood, Woisin decided to turn his passion into a business, and thus Uncorked Collectibles was born.

At Uncorked Collectibles, the goal is to provide collectors of all ages with the chance to acquire their favorite player or character cards at an affordable price. With sealed boxes of cards often being too expensive for many collectors, Uncorked Collectibles offers the option to purchase individual cards, whether they be worth one dollar or one thousand dollars.

Woisin has established a wide range of industry resources and relationships, allowing Uncorked Collectibles to find even the most elusive cards for their customers. The company also offers consignment services, where they will analyze and sell cards on behalf of their clients.

While Uncorked Collectibles began as a simple idea to showcase cards on social media, it has since grown into a thriving online business. However, Woisin hopes to open a physical location in the future.

One of the biggest challenges in the collectibles industry is the presence of counterfeit cards, especially when it comes to high-end cards. Additionally, the hobby can be quite expensive, which can discourage new collectors from getting involved.

To combat these challenges, Uncorked Collectibles provides educational information on identifying fake cards and recognizing investment opportunities on their social media platforms. With the collectibles industry projected to be worth 2.8 billion dollars by 2023, Woisin believes there is immense potential for growth in this field.

When asked about starting a business like his, Woisin advises others to "invest in yourself first" and to not be discouraged by naysayers. He speaks from experience, having previously invested thousands of dollars into a failed clothing company, before learning the right information and succeeding in the collectibles industry.

In the coming years, Uncorked Collectibles plans to continue expanding their offerings and providing valuable information to their customers.

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