Updated December 30, 2022 | 11:13AM MST


Pictured Left: Raiden Ruiz | Pictured Right: Kailee Pete

The expansion has been a goal of Raiden Marketing Agency for the last couple of years. The expansion started in cities where resources were most accessible due to networking. Those cities were Monterey Bay, Phoenix, Virginia, and Maryland, and now a huge focus has turned to build out a strong digital media team to fulfill local sports, businesses, and high-end restaurants in the DMV area. Kailee Pete is our Global Director of Operations and joined us in January 2022. She attended The International Culinary Center located in Manhattan, NY & La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana - in Colorno, Italy. She worked in many kitchens expressing her creativity, from a Michelin-starred restaurant in the Italian Alps to an Italian Salumeria in Brooklyn and corporations including Intel. She learned business management and visual merchandising through working with companies such as Kate Spade New York, Anthropologie, and Brooklyn Industries. Through these experiences - she gained a visual eye, an operational approach, and the ability to build a strong team by identifying strengths & weaknesses.

Raiden Marketing Agency has already started planting a seed in Miami where they are establishing a presence and scouting out team members and potential businesses to partner with that are aligned with their vision as a company. Owner Raiden Apollo Ruiz expressed that he utilizes LinkedIn and Google to partner with small businesses that are looking for growth and opportunity. He reiterated that he puts full trust in RMA’s teams, strives to give them resources, and creates a nurturing environment to succeed. Building autonomy and self-efficacy were stressed with a mission to success. Kailee Pete is the Global Director of Operations and runs teams out of Albuquerque, Phoenix, and the DMV area.

Photo was taken By Raiden Marketing Agency, 2022.

Raiden Ruiz states, “Kailee is the dichotomy key to this company that catapulted RMA into the future, she is an absolutely key player in RMA’s success and innovation into these new locations.” Kailee Pete has a culinary background as mentioned above and is targeting high-end restaurants in the DMV area to bring a digital media marketing plan that is a hybrid of a subject matter expert culinary content creator. Kailee understands the culinary environment and understands the marketing/digital media environment and is mixing these two ingredients together to create an absolute masterpiece of content that is going to add value to many local restaurants. Kailee understands the importance of structure in the kitchen and knows where to be at the right time without getting in anyone’s path because she knows what’s coming next in the kitchen as it happens. Raiden is confident in the team’s abilities of performance and shows excitement to show the DMV area what RMA can create. Their motto is, to make the seemingly impossible, possible. Raiden has been saying this for the last 10 years and wants everyone who works for him to know anything that we put our mind to we can create. Business owners’ visions can be translated through our team’s creative brains and expressed into the world through digital media assets.

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